Saharan Uromastyx / Nigerian Uromastyx

Saharan or Nigerian Uromastyx are one of the smaller species of Uromastyx. They are fast becoming one of the most popular Uromastyx species to keep because of their three color morphs (yellow, red, and orange), size, temperament and their naturally non-picky nature. If you happen to get a wild caught individual, you will usually have a hard time taming it, but it can be done. Most captive bred and born Saharans will be quite tame upon arrival. Some Saharans have become Bearded Dragon tame! It all depends on your will to tame it.


Saharans have about the same care as any other Uromastyx species out there. There is only one difference. A water bowl should be offered at least once a week. Be sure to check the humidity when offering the dish. All Uromastyx species need very low humidity and very high temperatures. Please read the general Uromastyx care guide to get the rest of the care info.

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