Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frogs

Known as one of the largest members of its family of species, the dendrobates leucomelas can be found in the northern regions of the continent South America. These creatures, referred to by the simpler name of yellow-banded poison frogs, look like their name indicates; their body is covered with yellow and black stripes, or bands.

As with most members of its genus, the dendrobates leucomelas is highly poisonous and uses its brightly colored skin to scare away other members of the wild looking for a meal. The frog has enough toxins to cause a fatal injury to a human being. Thankfully, the yellow banded poison frog only uses its poison for survival and is not a threat if left alone.

One of the more unusual aspects of this creature is the way it goes about caring for its young. After the male and female of the species have mated and laid eggs which have hatched, the care for the young is then passed fully onto the male dendrobates leucomelas. This is a stark contrast to other members of the same genus, who split the duties of caring for tadpoles in half.

Tadpoles are also often stored within plants which contain water, rather than within a river or small bed of water. Each plant holds only one tadpole as the mistake of putting two in the same area results in one being eaten by the other. During the time the young leucomelas need to develop, the male parent is in charge of disbursing additional water and protecting its young until they are old enough to care for themselves.

Another unique feature of the yellow-banded poison arrow frog is the sounds they emit. Unlike other poison-dart frogs, this species has a wide array of noises they can use to communicate with one another. It is not uncommon to mistake the cries of a dendrobates leucomelas as the chirps of a bird.

The primary diet for the yellow banded poison frogs are insects. As with other poison frogs, the creature derives its poison from the food it eats. Ants, in particular, contain the proper toxins and compounds to create the deadly defense mechanism of the species.

The yellow banded poison dart frog is an important creature. The poison it creates with its natural bodily functions can be used as a hunting tool and as a source for medical progress in finding cures for various diseases.

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