🐟 Keeping Orange-Finned Loach Fish – Tank, Food, Breeding & Care Tips

  • Scientific Name: Yasuhikotakia modesta, formerly Botia modesta
  • Family: Cobitidae
  • Size: In the wild they can attain 12 inches, but in the aquarium they seldom exceed 10 inches
  • Temperature: 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Alkalinity: Undemanding
  • Origin: Northeastern India, Thailand

The orange-finned loach is a schooling species that does best when kept in small groups (i.e., six or more individuals) in a tank with more active fishes, such as barbs and armored catfish. It becomes very active at night. As yet, there have been no reported spawnings of this species in the home aquarium.

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