Jungle Leopard Geckos

The jungle phase is how the first stripe leopard gecko was produced. The jungle phase is highly variable and can produce geckos that look totally different from one to another. This pattern consists of irregular, asymmetrical, dark body blotches or marbling with a non-ringed tail. A non albino jungle phase has dark spots on it’s limbs. There are also a couple sub categories of the jungle phase. One is the “four eyed” jungle and one is the “bandit” jungle morphs. These variations of the morph do happen with some frequency. The four eyed had two round white circles, mostly with a black dot in the center, and one over each of the gecko’s eyes. The bandit variation is a jungle phase leopard gecko with very distinct broad dark band running across the nose area between the nasal openings and the eyes Both the four eyed and bandit’s traits are genetic and occur within the jungle phase.

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