Fire Ball Python Morph Markers

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Fire Ball Pythons are a co-dominant (or incomplete dominant) mutation, and first came around in the United States market in 1995. Fire is considered to be a lightening gene,  having reduced melanin, brighter yellows, and lots of flames/blushing. Though the amount of flames and blushing, or expression, can and will vary as with any morph. Everyone needs a fire of some kind in their collection. They are a cornerstone for making intense morphs with brighter yellows, and crisper colors overall. When the fire is bred to another fire the resulting offspring can produce a black eyed leucistic (BEL) ball python. This is an all white, or mostly white snake (sometimes seen with blotches of cream color) that has black eyes with red pupils.

Head stamp

The fire ball python typically will have a head stamp that can vary in appearance, either resembling a bright area on the head, or can be shaped like a V sometimes.


Patterning on the fire ball python is variable. Typically a fire will have some banding, and aberrant patterning in comparison to the normal. There are usually areas of high blushing between the pattern, and flames coming up from the belly.


The fire ball python’s belly should be clear. There may be a case or two where it is not, but that will be very rare.

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