Enchi Ball Python Morph Markers

The Enchi Ball Python is considered a pattern and color mutation, and was originally called the Enchi pastel by many breeders. The reason why is because the great examples can be very bright, with orange and yellow speckling in the pattern. They also commonly have green eyes which is also a trait shared by the pastel. The Enchi is a co-dominant (or incomplete dominant) mutation, which means it does have a super form, that is even more spectacular than the base morph.

Head Stamp and Eyes

Enchi does not always express itself with a bright headstamp, but commonly will have one. The head will still play some role in determining if a snake is an Enchi, however. The pattern on the side of the face, that goes across the eye will commonly connect with the pattern under the jaw, but like the headstamp, will not always happen every time.

The eyes of an enchi will always be green or close to green where the pattern on the face passes “through” the eyes.

Pattern and Color

As was said before, the Enchi is considered a pattern and color morph, which means the mutation changes the overall pattern of the snake and color in comparison to the normal. The patterning of an Enchi will typically be banded, or reduced with some banding, but sometimes can have a few warped alien heads . In the pattern there will be speckling of yellow or orange which generally becomes more pronounced and brighter near the tail. Another thing to look for in a line of Enchi is blushing down the back between the areas of pattern that would usually be dark on a normal, and flames coming up from the belly.


The belly can be another confirming trait of an Enchi. While the actual belly will vary in pattern, the black patterning on the outside can sometimes be evenly spaced depending on the level of banding (there can be some variation here), and the pattern will also have the brighter colored speckles as was mentioned earlier in the pattern section of the article.

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