Our Goals & Your Expectations

Fun With Life was created by myself and my fiance out of a true passion for photography and wildlife.  We encourage the better understanding of the world around us.  We feel that through education, we can help to teach the importance of conservation and preservation, as well as the benefits and satisfaction of captive breeding. There are multiple organizations from outside the community who would like to see these activities fail, particularly within the reptile and exotic pet community.  It is important that we do the best we can to promote our community in the best ways possible.  Also, we must remain united in our fight against them. You can be confident that Fun With Life sets it’s standards to the highest level possible in regards to the content we present and the manner in which we present it. Our goal is always to promote the community and help it grow in a positive way. Your feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated. We take pride in listening to your comments and taking into account all of your concerns and suggestions.  We seek out the most established and accredited sources for our information in order to ensure accuracy on our webpage, facebook page, as well as our YouTube channel; while at the same time giving small-scale & up-and-coming efforts a voice.

Why have Fun With Life?

Fun With Life began as a passion for traveling to animal expositions, as well as a labor of love for me and my fiance. The more we got involved, the more we realized that the community has become care-taker for those that cannot speak for themselves. This community could use some help.  The animals and the people involved with the efforts of conservation, preservations, and captive breeding are truly amazing individuals. Their recognition is well-deserved and our efforts to give them a place to shine is motivated by our desire to contribute to the community we feel privileged to have become a part of.