Rare Reptiles – Blue Belly Pastel Leopard Gecko Hatchling Taking First Drink HD

The Blue Belly Pastel Leopard Gecko

SNEAK PEAK at some of the pastel’s we hatched out. ¬†For being rare reptiles, they are starting to be seen more and more. ¬†There has been so much controversy with the “pastels” that I decided I will be sharing all of my documented work with them as the project progresses. So far many unique traits are present. The nature of inheritance is difficult to determine due to the number of generations the pastels have been line bred. The line breeding has causes very strong visual traits that are inherited through increaser/decreaser alleles, unlike these reproducible random mutations which are inherited through Mendelian inheritance (punnet square) instead.

More info on the Pastel Leopard Geckos from Ron Tremper

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