Largest Spider in the World at the Hudson Valley Reptile Expo

Up Close and Personal with some of the Largest Spiders

The Hudson Valley Reptile Expo in Poughkeepsie, New York this February had some amazing animals showcased by some of the venders including the largest spider in the world (by mass), the giant Goliath Bird Eater Tarantula, and also this awesome Rose Hair Tarantula! Come along as we take close look at these two species of giant spiders.

Largest Spider Species Can Make Great Pets

Even though there is a large amount of negative attention associated with exotics pets and especially negative feelings towards spiders in general, I wanted to show that these animals can be great pets and working with them can be a great experience. With all animals educating yourself on that species and how to properly handle them is very important. Being bit or hurt by these animals is in no way a grounds for bragging rights. These types of events in which handlers are hurt by their animals presents the reptile community is a negative way that will only harm us in the end. As long as we educate ourselves and work with these animals properly, we can continue to be able to experience these amazing interactions with wildlife.

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