Hudson Valley Reptile Expo – Scaleless Snakes!

We had amazing day at the Hudson Valley Reptile Expo in Poughkeepsie New York!

The next show is in June and should be just as exciting with amazing vendors and presentations!

The Texas Rat Snake in Captivity

Besides the ball pythons and corn snakes, the rat snake is one of the most commonly sold pet

Photo by Bodhi Bush

Photo by Bodhi Bush

snakes in the world. They grow to an impressive size, but not too large that an inexperienced snake-handler may have trouble.

Captive-bred rat snakes have an amazingly calm temperament and have been bred to visually appeal to almost anyone’s sense of aesthetics.

Numerous mutations of the normal black rat snake have emerged throughout the years, including the albinos, the leucistics, as well as an amazing scaleless variety.

The scaleless snakes lack all of it’s scales, except the ventral scales on the bottom side of the animal.

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