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Leaders in the Reptile Community

As I continue to reach out further into the reptile community, both locally and regionally, I am finding that there are certain organizations and groups within the community that really help tie us together. Not only do these groups produce some of the most amazing and exclusive animals, but they also play a significant role in building up the Reptile community and giving it strength during a time when many large organizations would like to see it fail.

David’s Fine Geckos

One particular individual, David Pelle of David’s Fine Geckos, has shown through his activities within the reptile community a great example of how we can contribute to building a stronger community. He not only produces some of the best leopard geckos out there, but also holds his standards high in regards to genetics and public relations. His efforts through Gecko Nation Radio have brought together the biggest names in the reptile world, as well as small and specialized breeders, in a place where they can openly discuss important community events. As well as handling administrative duties for a few Facebook pages; Mr. Pelle has done very well to bring together many members of the reptile community in a way that promotes positivity on a daily basis. His standards for proper care for his animals exceeds most reptile breeders out there. His attention to detail includes proactive solutions to health concerns associated with pets, such as avoiding GMO fed feeders, as well as only using the purest of water sources for his animals. Many of these factors are overlooked by even some of the most established keepers and leopard geckosbreeders out there.

Road to Fine Geckos

Mr. Pelle’s interest in reptiles and geckos began in the early years of his life, beginning his life-long career of working with reptiles with his hermit crabs and anoles. His interest and attention towards his first pets refined his skills of observation, and he began to gain a better understanding of his animals.  His passion led him towards furthering his understanding of reptiles, amphibians, and other similar animals through self-education. In his teens, he became president of his local 4-H herpetology, where he began to make connections with other like-minded individuals. Over the next 25 or so years he worked in many pet related occupations, as well as managing breeding projects with Australian Blue Tongue Skinks, Bearded Dragons, Corn Snakes, African Fat Tail and Leopard Geckos.

Around 2010, he began work on what would ultimately become the animals that make up David’s Fine Geckos. After hand picking groups of leopard geckos from some of the most reputable breeders around, he began working towards the amazing animals he has today.

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-David’s Gecko Nation Radio shows is something you do not want to miss if you are a reptile breeder or even just interested in getting a pet.
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-Join His facebook group to stay updated and speak one on one with David and the other group members.
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-Learn More about David’s work and animals on his website and Youtube Channel.
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