Man Hand Feeding Giant Ray – Unbelievable Footage

Man’s Relationship with Nature: Hand Feeding Giant Rays

In the following video, this man is bravely hand feeding a giant ray. It shows how man and wildlife can interact with each other in amazing ways. The beauty of nature and the awe inspiring moment when the giant Ray decides to trust the man and take the food is a rare moment. You can see the man and animal are mutually respectful. All interactions with nature can be as enlightening and sacred as this one. It is so important that we preserve these animals in their natural habitats so that we do not lose these amazing moments forever.

Many Giant Ray Species are being Threatened

Many species of ray are being threatened by unchecked fishing throughout the world. In some cases, some species are harvested for only a very small part of their body, leaving the rest to waste. The sad reality is changing are more and more groups are spreading the awareness of the importance of preserving these species for future generations.

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