Pets for Sale and The Holiday Season

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Pets Are Not Toys

With the holiday season in full swing, one very important thing to remember while looking for gifts for your children and friends is that pets are not a great gift idea in most situations. Regardless of all of the pet sales going on for the holidays, please remember that pets are not toys; they are living, breathing animals that require specific care.  As a pet owner it is your responsibility to research your pet and be sure the information you learned in accurate before taking on that pet’s care.

Pets for Sale are More than just a Product

Parents, friends and family please be mindful that if you are considering picking up one of the many different types of pets for sale they not only require specific care and needs based on that species but also deserve to be treated in a way that gives them a good life, free of stress and abuse. Too often are pets looked at as ‘products’ or ‘inventory.’ These amazing species we have the pleasure of being able to own in captivity and enjoy in our homes need to be treated appropriately.

pets or saleDo Your Research Before Buying

If you do decide to buy a pet, which many of you will regardless, then it is very important that you do your research. Once again, we owe it to these animals. Make sure you understand proper care for the pets for sale you are considering buying before you make any purchases. If you are a parent and plan on buying a pet for your child, be prepared to take 100% responsibility for that animal. Children cannot be solely relied upon to care for animals and pets.

No Return Policy on Pets – In for the Long Hauloldest leopard gecko ever

When you take an animal into your home, you cannot rely on handing that animal off to others if things do not work out. This is why you must know everything involved with that animal, and evaluate your lifestyle to determine whether or not you can care for that animal for the long haul.

Some species of animals that are commonly seen as pets for sale can live up to a hundred years or more in some cases.  One of the most common reptile pets sold is the leopard gecko.  There have been instances where this gecko has lived over 30 years. So, please be aware that some of these very small and inexpensive pets for sale may live to very old and require proper appropriate care for a very long time.

Know How Big Your Pet Will Grow

Another thing to consider is how large your pet will grow. Often we do not consider just how small some species are as newly-born offspring. Many monitor and snake species can be bought very cheaply and are readily available. Be careful because some monitor species will grow up to a few feet in length or more, while some deceptively small baby snakes can grow to over 20 feet long!

It is imperative that you understand everything about the species you are planning on buying before making that decision to buy one of the many pets for sale this holiday season. I do not want to completely deter you from buying pets for gifts, but just be sure that who ever is going to be responsible for that animals is 100% knowledgable about that species and know it is coming so they can plan accordingly and decide if they can handle the responsibility. That being said, I have Banana pied ball python’ on my xmas list Santa Claus 😉

Happy Holidays from Fun With Life!

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