Over 700 Reptiles Saved by FireFighters in Orange County


Reptiles Saved by Firefighters using Specialized Oxygen Masks

(Photos: Twitter/OCFA PIO) Over 150 Firemen responded to the scene of a large fire at the ‘REPTILES’ building in Stanton, California around 8pm on the 16th of December, 2015. Between 700-800 reptiles were being housed in the building at the time of the blaze. Through the efforts of 150reptiles 2 brave firefighters, almost all of the reptiles were retrieved from the building and saved using specialized oxygen masks. The fire was under control in under an hour.  Sadly, It was reported by the Orange County Fire Authority that unfortunately some snakes were not able to be saved.

Reptiles and Fire Safety

Depending on what type of reptile you have, its likely that heat is required as part ofDSCF5353
their normal care regiment. There are a variety of ways in which reptile keepers maintain heat for their animals. Some keepers may buy prebuilt heating systems, while others may fabricate their own using components gathered from various sources. Whether prebuilt, or fabricated, it is important that your heating system is built properly and safely; and proper fail-safes are in place.

Expect the Un-expected

Be sure to keep back up thermostats and heating elements on hand. The heating elements in your rack systems and heat mats can reach very high temperatures if left on without a thermostat and may malfunction. In the event a thermostat fails and does not shut off a heating element, there is a high risk of harming or killing your animal, as well as running
fggsdfthe risk of starting a fire. Be sure to closely monitor temperatures, and replace any faulty equipment upon discovery. Using infrared-red laser temp tools, you can quickly check temperatures throughout your housing system easily to be sure the system is working properly. They can be found at your local hardware store and range in price from under $20 to over $100. Be aware that the light coming out of your laser temperature device can be very harmful to the eyes of your animals, as well as yourself; take necessary precaution while using.

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