Oldest Leopard Gecko Ever! – How Long Do Leopard Geckos Live?

Leopard Gecko Facts

One of the most frequently asked questions associated with the keeping of leopard geckos is “How long to leopard geckos live?”  Unfortunately if you already have a leopard gecko, or any other pet, and you are asking this type of question, it’s likely that you were not very responsible about taking on a pet. No worries; we all make mistakes. If anyone tells you they never made a mistake, they are lying! The trick is to learn from the mistakes you make. Often admitting and learning from mistakes is what makes us who we are. Regardless, many of us find ourselves in this position and want to learn more.  While researching the question, and looking for the best answer I could give, I kept getting referred to Ron Tremper and his oldest male leopard gecko born in 1981.

Lifespan of the Leopard Gecko

So how long does a leopard gecko live for? Upon inquiring about leopard geckos and lifespan, both captive and in the wild, it was found that most leopard geckos will live 10-15 years in captivity, while most breeding females will have a lifespan between 6 and 8 years. In some instances there have been rare cases of leopard geckos living much longer than these figures; up to and exceeding 30 years! Considering the limited data available regarding lifespan of the leopard gecko in its natural environment, it is difficult to determine just how long they would live in the wild. During my recent correspondence with Mr. Tremper, it was suggested that while considering winter brumation (hibernation-like state) it would be thought that leopard geckos may live longer in their natural environment compared to captivity. Still with limited resources available regarding longevity of the species in their natural environment, this is just a theory.

The Oldest Leopard Gecko on Record!

So what is the oldest leopard gecko ever to be confirmed.  We have all heard stories that start with “… a friend of mine.,” and we know not to listen.  However, after digging deep, we found the one of the oldest leopard geckos ever, and pictures as well.  Through our research, the oldest leopard gecko on record that we could confirm was a male leopard gecko that was produced by Ron Tremper in 1981. Unbelievably, this leopard gecko lived to be nearly 32 years of age! One of the oldest females in his collection was a 21 year old girl who was houses alone and not used for any breeding.  It’s pretty amazing that these awesome reptiles can be part of our lives for so long!

Are you ready for 20+ years of Pet Care?

One must approach getting a pet very responsibly. Not only are we entering a situation in which our own lives can be affected, but also a situation in which a mostly defenseless animal may be harmed as well. It is very important that we do all the necessary research before buying or taking in an animal regardless of the situation. Even if you are taking in a rescue, it does not do that animal any good if you cannot care for them properly, or have to have someone else come rescue them from you.

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Check these amazing animals out! You gotta love these little guys!


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