Leopard Geckos: What You Need to Know Before Breeding

Leopard Gecko Breeding and Ethics

leopard gecko breedingResearching before breeding reptiles is NOT an option.  With leopard geckos, there is some basic information that everybody needs to know before approaching breeding. Too often have we seen members of the reptile community with leopard geckos in their possession with intentions to breed and little to no knowledge about the geckos they intend to pair up. In an effort to promote appropriate breeding within the leopard gecko community, we teamed up with Leopard Gecko Talk, with the help of others in the community, to bring you the Basic Guide To Leopard Gecko Genetics & Breeding.  This video explains the basic of leopard gecko genetics and inheritance, and also touches on ethics of breeding leopard geckos.

Basic Guide To Leopard Gecko Genetics & Breeding

Examples of Recessive Morphs and Polygenic Lines

This video shows some examples showing not only the homozygeous recessive ‘Tremper Albino’ Morph, but also polygenic influence in the form of patternless and increased orange pigment.

Example of a Dominant Morph

The following video shows one of our leopard geckos carrying the dominant allele called “white & yellow.” This morph is often characterized by pastel-like coloration, as well as high white sides and visual enhancement of polygenic traits or other alleles.

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