Leopard Gecko Mutations: White and Yellow Dominant Allele

Leopard Gecko Mutations

There are about 15 known mutations in the leopard gecko pet trade that have been able to be reproduced. There are dominant, simple recessive, and also incomplete-dominant alleles that can be passed down through generations through the process of Mendelian inheritance. As the leopard gecko community continues to produce more geckos, more mutations are likely to emerge. The ‘white & yellow’ leopard gecko mutation is associated with a dominant allele. ¬†Although the leopard gecko’s genotype has yet to be sequenced, many speculate on how the ‘white & yellow”¬†leopard gecko mutation influences offspring through inheritance.

What’s the Newest & Most Rare Leopard Gecko Mutation?

The most recent mutation to pop up in a breeding project occurred between 2014-2015. The new mutation was created by Gourmet Rodent and was named the “Lemon Frost.” So far the lemon frost mutation has proved to be at least dominant in nature, similar to the ‘white and yellow’ mutation. There may be a possibility of there be a super form. So far there have been no lemon frost bred to lemon frost breeding projects that have produced any offspring, so incomplete-dominant influence is still an uncertainty.

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