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Biggest Snake Species in the World, Just Another Day at the Office for this Guy

Working alongside the biggest snake species in the world is just another day at work for Dan Liebel of Dan Liebel Reptile in Saugerties, New York. It’s not uncommon to see Mr. Liebel with a green anaconda, burmese python, african rock python, or a reticulated python hanging over his shoulders. These are the four most massive snake species known to mankind that are still living today!   Dan also works with many other amazing reptile species.

danliebelreptile2Dan Liebel Reptiles in New York

Mr. Liebel not only works with the biggest snake in the world, but also holds multiple permits allowing him to work with some exclusive and important projects, including venomous and also declining native species.  His efforts towards the propagation of the north American wood turtles, currently in decline, shows the type of passion he has towards his animals and the work he does. danliebelreptile3 Working with reptiles since a very young age, Dan’s passion has only grown over the years.  He holds an associate’s degree in Environmental Science, and also a bachelor’s degree in Biology from SUNY in Albany, NY.  He also presents educational lectures for small and large groups alike; reaching out to everything from birthday inquiries as well as larger events hosting thousands of viewers.  “I am here to educate as many people as possible about these beautiful animals.”  He also likes to focus on the importance of these animals’ significant role in our ecosystem, and why conservation is so important to all of us.    His activity within the reptile community is commendable to say the least.  Whether you are just entering the world of reptiles or an experienced member of the community, Dan Liebel is definitely one to reach out to and to support.

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The Biggest and Baddest Snakes Out There!

danliebelreptile5The Reticulated python is widely considered to be the longest living species of snake in existence, measuring up to and exceeding 25 feet in some cases.   As of 2011, according to the Guinness World Records, the longest reticulated python ever in captivity is a retic named Medusa. Medusa is owned by Full Moon Productions in Kansas City, Missouri, and featured in a haunted house attraction called “Edge of Hell.”  This snake measures over 25 feet, and approximately 350 lbs.

danliebelreptile4The green anaconda is often considered the heaviest, largest snake in the world still living, weighing in at over 200 lbs. and upwards to 15 feet long; according to Dr. Jesús Antonio Rivas’s findings during his research involving thousands of green anaconda. Many unconfirmed cases of large snakes have placed both green anacondas, as well as reticulated pythons and other species in the 30-40 feet range. Although many rewards have been offered for these monster snakes, no one has yet to deliver. The internet is riddled with unconfirmed cases of man-eating snakes and 40 foot, thousand-pound titanoboa running rampant. These articles must be looked at very cautiously considering their lack of supporting evidence and their negative impact on the reptile community.

Recently, both the green anaconda, as well as the reticulated python were made illegal to travel over state lines with, making many keepers unable to bring their animals to vets, and also many armed servicemen were facing the situation of having to give up their animals in order to fulfill their obligations as soldiers.  Due to the efforts of United States Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK,) this was only temporary.

Learn more about USARK and how they protect our rights as reptile keepers, as well as how you can donate towards their efforts.

More About Reptiles!

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