Ice Fishing in Wisconsin – Unbelievable Footage of Hundreds of Wild Perch!

Video Submitted by Brandon Zimmerman

Ice Fishing on the Fox River

When Brandon Zimmerman, Ice fishing enthusiast from Wisconsin, sent his GoPro down a hole into the frigid waters of the Fox River what he saw isn’t something you see everyday.  This ice fishing video above shows an amazing sight; what seems to be hundreds of Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) gathered beneath the ice.   Yellow perch average between 6 and 12 inches are can found huddled in these groups often during the winter months, as reported by many ice fishing adventurers.  It was thought that this particular group of fish were trapped in a area of a river with less oxygen due to environmental conditions.  The action of drilling a hole in the ice and disturbing the water is thought to introduce more oxygen into the water attracting the fish to that area.

“I’m pretty sure they are trapped in there, the inlet from the fox may have frozen solid so they may not be able to get out until spring. There is a spring about 50 yds from where I filmed this that stays open year round but I think the fish are using the ice for protection from birds.. hopefully the spring is sufficient enough to keep them alive!”


Thanks for sharing your amazing video with everyone Mr. Zimmerman!

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