Our Largest Leopard Gecko Enjoying Some Quality TV

Our Largest Leopard Gecko Has Personality

We have heard it too many times; “Reptiles do not have personalities!”  Well, we think they do!  You can disagree, but we see each of our leopard geckos as being unique anewidfs the next; especially our largest leopard gecko Einstein. Einstein is enjoying some television for Reptile Awareness Day. Many people are convinced that most reptiles, and leopard geckos in particular, do not
have any type of personality.

 Let’s Change the Stereotype

We would like to discourage the idea that reptiles are personality-less monsters.  When people consider what types of pets for sale they would like, they often do not consider leopard geckos as bringing personality into the mix. They should reconsider this. All of our leopard geckos are individuals and all have their own personalities.  Einstein is proof. Some love to be held. Some like to be left alone. Others even love to get a back scratch from time to time. Owning a reptile can be very rewarding. Just because it is not fluffy, does not mean that you should not consider them as a pet.

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