New Lemon Frost Leopard Gecko Morph Release at Tinley NARBC

Take a look at the New Lemon Frost Leopard Gecko

The buzz is that this week one of these amazing Lemon Frost Leopard Geckos will be auctioned off at the NARBC in Tinley Park, IL on October 10th and 11th. From what we understand the proceeds will be benefiting USARK. This auction will likely attract some big spenders.

72137_322702674524750_721001386_nFrom Normal to Lemon Frost

The first lemon frost leopard gecko was created by Gourmet Rodent just a few years ago (Picture Left.) The random mutation causing white pigmented eyes, as well as bright yellow and black contrasting pattern was a naturally occurring event within a normal leopard gecko breeding project. After a rumor about the death of the only lemon frost emerged, on Dec 12, 2014 Gourmet Rodent released a first ever video of the lemon frost leopard gecko to put the rumor to rest. They also show footage of offspring that had carried the visual markers of the lemon frost, as well! They also gave some background on the lemon frost leopard gecko and its beginning. They did not intentionally create the morph, but randomly hatched it out of normal leopard gecko breeding. This new morph is not a combo morph, or marketing name for existing leopard gecko genetics.

“The Reptile Gods Were Shining Down on Us This Year”Joys of Being a Photographer - Up Close to White Tails in the Adirondacks.mp4_snapshot_00.14_[2015.10.02_12.30

Gourmet Rodent exclaims, “the reptile gods were shining down on us this year because…we have a pair!” The lemon frost leopard gecko gene proved out to be real deal, and offspring were produced carrying the gene. Both a male and a female were produced to continue experimenting with the new gene.

“How Can I Get One?!”

The big question, “How can I get one?!” As this new morph is officially released for the first time at the Tinley Park NARBC show, the availability will become continually less exclusive as time progresses. The amount of money that is generated during the auction for the first lemon frost leopard gecko may have a significant influence on how pricing for the new morph will be handled in the future. It is safe to say that a considerable investment will be needed to get your hands on a lemon frost anytime soon.

Tinley Park Reptile Show info here |

The future looks bright and yellow for leopard gecko breeding.  The new morph has considerable potential in regards to how this lemon frost leopard gecko gene will behave when crossing to other morphs.  It will be exciting to watch as the possibilities for new combo morphs emerge, and the lemon frost leopard gecko morph become more widely available.

Thanks to Gourmet rodent for sharing their lemon frost leopard gecko with the world this week at the Tinley Park NARBC Auction.

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