Lemon Frost Goes For $10,000! – Auction Video: JMG vs Sykes

The Lemon Frost Leopard Gecko Goes to Steve Sykes of Geckos Etc

(Photo Credit:Jeremy Werde Photography)

(Photo Credit:Jeremy Wrede Photography)

Photo Credit: Jeremy Wrede Photography

Photo Credit: Jeremy Wrede Photography

After a tense battle between JMG reptiles and Steve Sykes of GeckosEtc, among other bidders, the pair of lemon frost leopard geckos go to GeckosEtc owner, Steve Sykes for a staggering $10,000.  This money will be donated to USARK (United States Association of Reptile Keepers). Rodent Pro will also be matching the $10,000 bid and donating another $10,000 making the total donation to USARK $20,000. Congratulation to Steve Sykes and thank you to Gourmet Rodent owner, Mike Layman, as well as Rodent Pro for their large contribution to the USARK and reptile community.

Addition Thanks to Mike Brizzee Reptiles for contributing their video footage!  Click Here Check them out on Facebook!

Also , Jeremy Wrede of Jeremy Wrede Photography for their amazing photos!  Click Here to check his Facebook!

How You Can Donate to USARK

Check out the link below to learn more about doing your part and contributing to the reptile community by donating to USARK. Every little bit counts!
| United States Association of Reptile Keepers – Click Here to Learn More |

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