Hudson Valley ReptiFest raises Thousands for Community Member

New York ReptiFest

Food, Fun, and Reptiles for all ages!!  The first ever Hudson Valley Reptifest hosted a fundraising event October 17th that raised 12107886_986230448066226_6223481590125633758_nthousands for local community member, Michael Milb. Mr. Milb not only recently lost his father, but also accrued significant debt during the event.  Wanting to help, Mark Perpetua of Reptile Encounter’s reached out to Mike and offered to give him a free 12088023_986228771399727_314585808093628974_nshow towards a fundraising effort on his behalf. Mike and local community member Scott Borden got together, with Mark’s help, and organized the first ever Hudson Valley Reptifest to host the fundraiser. Dan Liebel of Dan Liebel Reptiles also donated his time as well, putting on a demonstration and selling T-shirts to raise even more money for fundraiser.  Many  other volunteers had contributed as well.   Not only were the visitors able learn more about these animals during the presentations,but they were also able to interact with the animals up close.  What started as a fundraiser for Mike turned out to be a great show for the entire community!

12119153_986231038066167_2598858920998035223_nMark Perpetua of Reptile Encounters

Mark Perpetua can be seen holding one of his guests, an american alligator.  He is a high school teacher with some killer extra-circular activities.   Mark has been featured at many reptile expos in the area and enjoys educating the crowd, as well as 12072641_986231538066117_8467771209156855022_nentertaining them with his remarkable collection.   He is a high school biology teacher, as well as naturalist.  With over 30 years of experience, this guy gives nothing short of an amazing presentation.  Mark helped to organize the event, as well as donated his time.  It’s not uncommon to see american alligators, alligator snapping turtles, as well as  giant snakes, like the burmese python, hanging out with this guy on stage.  Mark brought an 11-foot albino burmese python, an alligator snapping turtle, an american alligator, as well as a canebreak rattlesnake with him for his show.

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Dan Liebel of Dan Liebel Reptiles12115993_986229478066323_3378990960045946263_n


Mr. Liebel of Dan Liebel Reptiles was gracious enough to donate his time as well for the Reptifest event to help raise money for the fundraiser.  Dan shared his knowledge and brought out some amazing animals that you don’t see everyday.    He brought a few huge snakes with him including a green anaconda, as well as the longest snake in the world, the reticulated python.  He also showcased the timber rattle snake, copperhead, the common snapping turtle, and many others species that can found in the local area.

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Scott Borden – Herpetoculture & Captive Husbandry


For Mr. Bordon, Herpetoculture and captive breeding is more than a hobby; its a true passion.
Through personal experience, we can tell Scott genuinely loves to learn and teach others about the amazing animals he works with. Scott Borden contributed by giving a demonstration as well as helping to organize the event.  He brought out some awesome animals to assist in his presentation.  A large carpet python,  savu python, white-lip python and red-foot tortoises, were just a few of the animals he brought with him.  There is no doubt, the Hudson Valley Reptifest had plenty of amazing animals to interact with and learn about.

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Credit for all the great photos goes to Emily Numbers!

Thanks to Scott Borden, Dan Liebel, Mike Milb, and Mark Perpetua for making the first ever Hudson Valley Reptifest happen.

Also, a special thanks goes out to all of those who volunteered their time and to all those who came to the event to show their support.

gfffgHow you can Help!

Although a significant amount of money was raised during the Hudson Valley Reptifest event, Michael Milb still needs our help.  You can reach out to Michael Milb following the link below and donate to him directly.   If everyone who visits this page contributes even just one dollar, then our goals will be met.   Please consider contributing to Michael Milb during his time of need.  Many of us have more than we need, and so many more do not have enough.

– Click Here to reach Michael Milb through his facebook –

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