Rare Leopard Gecko Morph: Blue Belly Pastel

The Blue Belly Pastel Leopard Geckos from Ron Tremper

Our recently acquired Blue Belly Pastel Leopard Gecko Morph. This is a pretty rare leopard gecko morph produced originally by Ron Tremper through polygenic breeding projects with RAPTORS. I think these Rare Blue Belly Pastel Leopard Geckos are a line bred trait. Some believe that it may be dominant or a co-dominant gene, and other think it is simply polygenic.

All the Hype on the Pastels

First off, the pastel leopard geckos should be appreciated for what they are.  pastel copy They are amazing and I speak from personal experience with these animals. That being said, after spending hours on the telephone and communicating through social networking and email with breeders from South Korea to Germany, as well as the United States, we would have to say that many of the breeders who have been working with these new morphs find that it isn’t what it is hyped up to be, but still something amazing.

Many of these breeders are now coming forward to help shed light on exactly what the pastel gene is, as well as what is can do. As we continue to research, we will help to show documented proof of what this new morph can do through line breeding, as well as out crossing to other morphs.

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