Blue Belly Pastel Leopard Gecko – Up Close look at this new Morph!

The Blue Belly Pastel Leopard Gecko Unboxing

This Friday, we anxiously awaited the arrival of something very special via Fedex overnight. Any reptile shipment scenario can be stressful, even when the animal involved is common example of that species. In the past we have taken in adoption reptiles from across the United States. This shipment was a bit different. This was a Blue Belly Pastel Leopard Gecko from none other than Ron Tremper himself. Watch the video as I struggle to speak during the most epic  reptile unboxing of my life!  I just wanted to share one of the most amazing moments I have ever experienced with all of you and tell you all a little bit about the new Blue Belly Leopard Gecko Morph.

Is the Blue belly leopard Gecko Gene Something New?

The pastel gene is relatively new to the reptile community, first appearing in 2008 by Ron Tremper. pastel copy
After line-breeding and distributing offspring to a few breeders across the globe, it has been confidently stated that the pastel “gene” is something new and quite amazing by many reputable breeding including Ron Tremper, Rebecca Hassler of Dragoon Gecko, as well as Marco Struck.

How will the Blue Belly Pastel Leopard Gecko “Gene” Behave?

Through the first few breeding projects, the pastel leopard gecko “gene” began to reveal what it is exactly. Ms. Hassler found that when out-crossing the pastel leopard geckos to non-pastel leopard geckos, visual indicators of the pastel “gene” could be seen in groups of the non-pastels. Not all out-crossed offspring were pastels however. Mr. Struck also noted many characteristics of the pastel “gene” that are consistent among pastel offspring. These include vivid coloring (especially lavender), very light head color, unusual pattern on head, missing opaque layer of skin found on most leopard geckos, high contrast black in non-albino pastel leopard geckos, as well as increases striping and banding. He continues on by comparing the “gene” to the white and yellow gene and the enigma gene. He mentions that similar to these color enhancing genes, not all indicators will be found in all pastels.

The Future for the Blue Belly Leopard Gecko

MVI_3368.MOV_snapshot_00.04_[2015.09.04_21.53.21]So what is in store for this new amazing morph in the Leopard Gecko world? Only time will tell. As more breeders acquire these amazing animals, more will be found out about the “gene.” Also, new and amazing combo morphs may emerge that have never been seen before. I for one cannot wait to see what comes of these Blue Belly Leopard Geckos projects!  Only time will tell the true nature of what the Blue Belly Pastels are in terms of genetics.

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