Largest Snakes in the World


The Reticulated Python, One of the Largest Snakes in the World

The Reticulated Python, also know as Python reticulatus, is one of the many species of pythons that are found across the globe.  This particular species of python are found in South-East Asia in the wild, but are also breed and kept as pets and for other purposes.  These snakes are also very good swimmers and have inhabited many islands out to sea from the main land in Asia.  The average size reticulated python can grow up to 22 feet in length (nearly 7 meters!)

These snakes are a type of snake called a constrictor.  Constriction is a method many snake species use to kill their prey before eating it.  The reticulated python, like most constrictors are non-venomous and usually harmless to humans.  Almost all attacks from these snakes were provoked attacks, and happened while the animal was under stress.

The Reticulated python is considered to be the world’s longest snake species, but not always considered the largest in terms of overall mass.  The green anaconda is considered to be the heaviest, or largest, snake species currently alive.

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