Largest Great White Shark Ever Recorded

Largest Great White Ever Recorded on video

The footage seen in the video above has made many question if it is the largest great white shark in the world caught on tape. The video comes from a Mexican researcher Mauricio Hoyos Padilla and was recorded during the fall of 2013 near Mexico’s Guadalupe Island. The footage was featured by the3434 Discovery Channel showing an effort to tag the animal during a shark week special. The largest great white shark ever recorded by the method of catching and measuring were all around 20 feet long. However, on average 16 feet is the most great white sharks will tend to grow. The great white shark in the video was thought to measure at least 20 feet long and weigh over 5000 pounds!!  It is difficult to determine exact overall length through video footage alone though.  There are some who think it is the legendary monster great white shark, ‘Deep Blue’.

So is this Largest Shark Ever Recorded?

Even though the great white shark is often considered to be the largest shark in the world, it is actually only the largest predatory shark that has been discovered. The shark that holds the title of the largest shark ever recorded is the Whale Shark.

6767The whale shark (above| Source:wiki) averages up to 45 feet long.  They have also been known to grow up to 60 feet long!

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