Custom Vivariums at the NY Reptile Expo

Living Custom Vivariumsimage-3

What do you get when you cross the passion for growing plants with the skills of an HVAC technician, and pet supply designer?  You get amazingly designed custom vivariums!  With what started as a passion for catching frogs and other herps as children, led to a dedicated business providing people with amazing living enclosures.  Vivariums in the Mist, a small family run business out of New York, brought some amazing custom vivariums to the recent reptile expo.

image-1Vivarium in the Mist

Paul Demas, is behind these innovative custom vivariums, backed by the support and encouragement of his wife. Mr. Demas has extensive experience in the HVAC field of work, which contributes to the designs he develops today. In addition to his HVAC experience, Paul obtained experience while working many pet supply development and distributing positions; also contributing to his custom vivarium skills. We took the time to take some of footage of what he has to offer while attending the reptile expo event recently. It was definitely worth taking a look! Check out there amazing designs on their website, as well as on their Facebook!  You can find contact information and links to their website and facebook in the description of the YouTube video on our channel. 

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